Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Fiddleheads Work for Portland

I am headed to another show this weekend, this time in Portland, Maine.  This is a one day show on Saturday the 25th called Picnic, which will have food vendors and music and crafts, in Lincoln Park from 11-6.  I am bringing Fiddleheads work and jewelry to this show, so I finally made the time to get back into the collage studio and make some new work.  I wanted  to make some ocean themed pieces, since the show is on the coast, and I've been trying to bring some additional movement and perspective into my collages, and ocean scenes seemed an easy way to start.  I'm really happy with the whale ones especially, and I'm working on some fun color block sea birds as well.  Those aren't quite finished yet, but here are a few whales:
The first two images are already available in the Fiddleheads Shop, and the third will be up later today, along with a bunch of other fall and ocean themed pieces.  And if you are in the Portland (Maine) area, or know anyone who is, please send them along to walk through the show!  It is free to enter, and there will be lots of beautiful handmade goodies to look at.  And what a great way to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping with some artisan made work.  Think about how good you'd feel to get ahead of the game with some thoughtful handmade work packed up in your closet patiently waiting for the holiday insanity!

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