Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Sunset

The League of NH Craftsmen Summer Fair is over, and I am home picking up the pieces of everything I dropped three weeks ago to get ready for the show.  It was a great and successful show, which is a great relief, and setting up and breaking down the booth was surprisingly painless and hassle-free.  This is the beautiful sunset that accompanied our trip home in a borrowed pickup truck full to the gills of show debris.  Thanks so much to all the friends and family who made it over to the show, and thanks so much to the many new customers I am so happy to have met!

Now I'm starting to feel the pressure of the end of summer.  Are you?  Winter is starting to hang out there in my peripheral vision like a big dead end.  So many warm weather activities still left undone!  How is it possible that the school year is beginning already?  Emmett will begin his first year of preschool in two weeks, and my teacher friends are all going back to work.  Sigh.  But fall is lovely too.  But I am determined to go swimming at least a few more times before the leaves turn!


  1. Not a dead end, Rebecca! Think of winter as a bleaching out cycle (get it? snow, snow, snow) come spring all will be a brighter world:)

  2. Call me when you want to go swimming! I made it to the pool once the first week when it was open and didn't even put a toe in the water...