Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apple Cider Making

We got some friends together this weekend to pick and press apples for cider, a large portion of which is being made into hard cider by our friend Chas.  Hopefully it is out there in the barn fermenting away!    We used an old hand-crank press that has been kicking around, and it really worked well, as long as you have some muscly people around who don't mind doing the cranking.  The cider is really sweet and delicious fresh as well, and we all did some sampling throughout the process.  We also saved out some of the more perfect looking apples for snacking on and for the pie above made by our friend Holly, who is visiting from New York (hence the footwear on the ladder.  I love it.  She was also wearing a cape.  It really leant an air of elegance to our cider making party that would have otherwise been totally lacking.).  Overall we made about 8.5 gallons and had a really great time.  I think we've got ourselves a new fall tradition!


  1. I was wondering if that was you on the ladder! Love the picture you painted of her with the cape as well. This looks fabulous!

  2. Omgodness!

    We are doing to the same thing! Right down to photos of boots on ladders. Mine were red though.

    I declare us internet friends :)

  3. Totally internet friends! And cold climate gardening friends too!