Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY Crayon Rubbings: Great Interactive Toddler Art Project!

Our super sweet and creative friend Carolyn gave Emmett this fantastic home made present for his second birthday.  She used some vehicle stencils she found to make these slightly 3D collages which can then be used to make crayon rubbings.  The toddler can make quick and easy drawings by rubbing the crayon across a paper held or taped on top of the collage and a perfect image appears like magic on the blank paper!  She told me her mom made these for her and her sister when she was a little girl.  And since Carolyn's was a gift she spent some time selecting the cardboard she used to make the vehicles, and they turned out looking very nice on their own.  But she said if one were to do this at home as an activity to keep little minds entertained you can just use anything from your recycling bin, like old cereal boxes.  Isn't that such a nice present?  We happened to have this three photo frame hanging around so we quickly threw in three of the colorful rubbings for some instant playroom art and a lovely souvenir of Emmett's second birthday and a thoughtful present.   

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  1. Oh my word, mine would LOVE those! We are completely surrounded by the machinery world. Too adorable! Lucky boy. :)