Sunday, November 20, 2011

Country Girl Diner

I've been meaning to post about the new incarnation of our local diner for ages!  For so long, in fact, that it is barely new anymore!  They opened in July, and serve a great mix of traditional diner fare and delicious and sometimes eclectic daily specials.  Sometimes they have great Mexican food specials, which is a rare treat for us gringos, and they also host guest chefs from a local inn who have a passion for asian barbecue.   The new owners and staff are super friendly and hospitable, and best of all for us, Emmett loves to go there!  It is located right on the main drag in our town (not saying much, really) and he can stand on the banquet, look out the window and watch trucks roll past.  He's two, he looks for different qualities in a dining establishment than I do, but hey, in this case, we all win!  
They don't have a web site, but for more info you can check out their facebook page here.  Or if you are in Chester, just go eat!

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  1. I have never been there, but have been many times at her home for scones, tea and lively conversation during the mid morning while our children did their school work. We miss her and her family very much down here in the southern Maryland Eastern Shore. Can't wait to come up and try her food again in Vermont.