Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Words, Love, and a Secret

Recently I was commissioned to hollow out a small cavity in a copy of The Great Gatsby for a customer to use to conceal an engagement ring.  It is always so fun to be peripherally involved in other people's big life moments, isn't it?  I've made wedding bands for people in the past, and it just gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling to be a part of something so momentous, even if the real players are complete strangers.  Somehow some of the romanticism just rubs off on all involved.  So obviously I was thrilled to take it on.  
And on top of loving the sentimentality of the project, I really enjoyed the process of making this hollow book with a little ribbon attached to the top of the lid to secure the ring.  And I loved and finding a great page to stop at to use as the bottom of the cavity, where the text was talking about being in love and falling in love.  What a stroke of luck that was.  I had planned to make a fabric bottom, but this turned out so much better.  I love this project so much that it will be a regular listing this in my shop now as a custom book option.
What a super romantic way to propose to a girl.  Especially if the girl is a bit of a nerd like me!