Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

 I hope you all had a lovely and delicious Thanksgiving!  I know it will probably be 364 days before anyone wants to think about cooking any Thanksgiving recipes again, but these two came out so well I had to mention them, and hope you will bookmark them for next year!  We were invited to Thanksgiving at our friends Garet and Carolyn's house, and our dishes to make were stuffing and potatoes.  Since they were doing a ham instead of a turkey, the stuffing was going to have to be made in a pan as more of a dressing.  I found a variation on my mom's chestnut stuffing here, with photos below.  The only thing I changed about this recipe was I added one beaten egg to the mixture before it went in the oven.
and a recipe for scalloped potatoes with fennel here, with photos below.  The only thing I changed on this one was to add just a teeny bit of gruyere cheese to the mixture (about 1 cup) and I only used 1 fennel bulb instead of two.
Both of these recipes cam out extremely well, and I for sure plan to make them again next year, if not before!

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