Thursday, January 26, 2012

Around the Studio

Things have been busy around here, what with getting orders out for Valentine's day, putting together a new line for the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft which is in about 3 weeks (eeeeek!), trying to take some good jewelry photos in this god-forsaken cloud covered tundra I live in. . . you get the idea.  So that's what is up with me.  Here are some shots from around the studio this week, including this morning's computer-side breakfast of a fried egg on toast with guacamole.


  1. Your pictures are lovely! I run into the same thing here in Chicago, so thank god for Photoshop.

  2. The jewelry photos are great!
    Laura from EBT

  3. I made the mistake of reading this before breakfast. I am now experiencing the odd sensation of a growling stomach and a burning hole in my pocket. Must eat eggs and buy jewelry!