Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cuban Night!

Our friends Garet and Carolyn teamed up with the owners of the Country Girl Diner and our excellent local beer and wine shop Meditrina to cook up a night of Cuban food this past Sunday at the diner.  It was a smashing success; all the tickets were completely sold out and the food was fantastic.  My favorites were the cuban sandwich and the coconut custard tart, which were both seriously out of this world.  Although they also put together some tempting beer pairings for the event I had to go traditional and have a michelada (or two?) with my dinner.  Micheladas are a very interesting beer drink traditional to Cuba and Mexico, although they are made a little differently in each place, because Mexico uses worcestershire sauce in the mix, and Cuba does not.  And I was very interested to finally learn the reason for that from my friend Truddi during dinner.  Apparently worcestershire sauce is very had to get in Cuba because it needs to be imported, and therefore would be hugely expensive.  Total ah ha moment.  Anyway, Garet and Carolyn did a bang up job, cooked dinner for 32 people like it was no big deal, and a great time was had by all!  Thanks so much all of you!  Please do these events at least twice a month, and count us in for every one!  

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