Monday, January 30, 2012

Jewelry Swap with Odette NY

One of the most fun and restorative things about going back to NYC for me is getting together with my jeweler friends. I miss talking and gossiping about what's going on in the indie jewelry world, and compare notes about suppliers and shops and blogs.  There are a lot of lovely things about living in Vermont, but it is easy to become pretty isolated, and it is so nice to reconnect.
Last time I was in New York Jennifer from Odette New York,  Debbie from Debbie Fisher and I had a luxuriously leisurely lunch at the Roebling Tea Room, and Jennifer and I arranged a trade: an Arrow Cuff Bracelet of Jennifer's for my Bent Perch Cuff.  Happily my half of the trade arrived on Saturday!  I have been wearing it ever since.  Thanks Jennifer, I love it!  

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