Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lying on the Pond

   I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning flat on my belly on our frozen pond shooting pictures of jewelry on the ice.  I got the idea from a picture I took last week of a close up of a hockey puck while I was shooting my nephews playing hockey.  The texture of the ice is just so cool.  These are some of the shots, and the final one with the logo is the one I decided to use for my postcard for the Buyers Market of American Craft, a wholesale show coming up in February.  
And just as an aside, I have come to realize that enjoying (bearing?) winter has everything to do with being dressed properly.  It took me three trips to the pond to get it right, both in the photography and in the attire.  So in case you plan to go lie on a frozen pond, I strongly recommend Patagonia capilene! 

(p.s. I just added the cuff bracelet to my shop, so click here for pricing info etc. And the rings and the necklace are in there too.)


  1. omg, Rebecca.....not only are the photos stunning ( and SUCH a great idea to shoot them on the frozen pond) but, these new pieces are just GORGEOUS! I love them....that cuff is calling my name, I am in love! :)

  2. Aw, thanks so much Melis! I'm blushing over here a little!

  3. I agree with Melissa, the jewelry is fantastic and the idea to shoot these on the ice is ingenious. The last bracelet will go perfectly with your open circles ring I bought at Cog and Pearl!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Don't you just love cog & Pearl?!

  4. Beautiful photos! It was worth the frozen belly and many trips.

  5. these are amazing! totally worth the three trips in my opinion!!

  6. I agree with everyone. These are amazing. The pieces and the photos. I really love them!

  7. I just ordered the cuff as a gift for my sister - I left you a note in the "note to seller" section. She's going to love it!