Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day at the County Fair

It's a bit of a rag tag fair, with various booth's place willy nilly around a big field.  But the fried dough was delicious (New England's answer to the funnel cake) and the animals were all scrubbed pink and clean and shiny.  And, of course, there were tractors everywhere, so Emmett had a great time.  And he scored an updated 2011 Full Line Brochure from the Kubota people, so overall the day was a big success.  
 Also, I've been playing with photo filters.  Can you tell which ones have been doctored?  The sun was directly overhead while we were at the fair so it made for some very flat glarey photos.  So I'm experimenting.  Sorry to make you all my guinea pigs!


  1. That fried dough looks so good- one of my fair favorites. I love the picture with the tractor brochure. My toddler would have the exact same photo if it were him!

  2. You know you can just order the full line brochure off the kubota web site for free! That's what we did to get our 1st one. Best 0 dollars I ever spent!