Thursday, July 7, 2011

Onion Flowers

A few of the red onion sets I bought turned out to be second year onions, so instead of making big new onions they grew tall and went directly to seed.  But the flowers they make as they are going to seed are gorgeous, and they grow and these long hollow twisty stems.  So cool.  So I picked them all and put them in arrangement with young hydrangea blooms that are just coming into season.  I really love monochromatic flower arrangements, especially all white.  I find them so pretty and serene.  


  1. so pretty! Did you happen to notice any big fuzzy green caterpillars eating the onion flowers? We have a few flowering onions too, and I found a huge caterpillar eating one of them. I haven't been able to identify it yet. Also, the black swallowtail caterpillars are here and eating my dill again...

  2. I didn't happen to see any of those lovely sounding critters, but we do have some little orange slugs on our tomatillos that I've never seen before. But it might be because of the jungle of weeds that was engulfing them up until yesterday.