Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo Shoot!

After a very rocky start, with torrential rain and the threat of a potential bout of stomach flu, I am very excited with the shots that came from yesterday's photo shoot for this season's look book!  A more polished catalog will follow eventually, but here are a few outtakes and shots of the setup.  After much discussion with some very talented friends I think the styling turned out to be just right, and perfectly reflective of my line.  I'm calling it "Jane Austen meets Anthropology."  Thanks SO much to the lovely and ever patient May for being my model, and also thanks so much to all of you that helped me flesh this out.  It truly takes a village, I'd be lost without you all!  I am so lucky to have such smart and talented friends!


  1. These look great and I am so glad you saw the yellow chair in time - the jewelry looks great on it and May is such a beautiful model! I love the first shot of her on the post and look forward to seeing the final catalog...

  2. Wow- so beautiful! I love all the jewelry! If you ever want to do a trade, you just let me know. :)