Monday, July 18, 2011

Treehog Farm, Part 2

As promised, here are some photos of the rest of the lovely goings on at Treehog Farm, including: turkeys that will be ready around Thanksgiving, chickens, both for meat and eggs, garlic, a lovely garden, and 2 adorable piglets named Hummus and Tabouli, and two farm cats to keep them all in line.  I hope you enjoy your tour!  I know I did!
 Their house used the be the old Rockingham Post Office and Janessa and Burleigh use some of the old mail room as a mudroom/potting shed.  I love the old mail cubbies!
All of their birds are free range and live in either large roving coops or in fencing that gets moved regularly to lush fresh grass.  The piggies are in a little fenced in area that is mostly woods, and they seem very happy rooting around in the forest floor.   And again, if you'd like to keep in touch with the comings and goings of Treehog Farm click here to go to their facebook page.

Ok, gotta run pull together a photo shoot that is falling apart at the seams!  Hopefully I'll have outtakes for you tomorrow.  Fingers crossed! 

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