Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Know Anybody looking for A Super Sweet Horse?

Hey all!  I am saddened to say that it is time for me to offer Noble up to a new home.  I originally had this very romantic idea that TH would really take to riding, and we would canter off into the sunset together, but things haven't really worked out that way.  1st of all, you can't put a baby seat on a horse.  That's our 1st problem.  And then there's the "Where does one find the time?" problem.  At any rate, two horses is too many horses for yours truly, and this sweet guy's potential is being wasted sitting in the pasture.  So I am trying to put the word out in every possible way to hopefully connect with a new owner who would be a really good fit for him.  Check out the copy of the ad below, and click on it for additional information.  

Please pass this along to anyone in your life who you think might be able to enjoy this super horse!

Thanks for looking!  I'll be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled programming!

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