Friday, July 8, 2011

Pizza Deliciousness

One of the many things we've had to become self-reliant about after moving to the country is pizza.  There is a decent pizza place in town, with a really great selection of local beers and some killer cheesy breadsticks, but of course they don't deliver to the end of our dirt road (or at all, I don't think).  So we make our own, and I think they come out pretty darn good.  These are pics of one we made last night.  The dough is store-bought, it comes in a frozen ball and we thawed it in the fridge.  The toppings are marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, super smoky black forest ham, red onion, and sliced mushrooms. The crust got nice and crispy, and I think the trick to it is cooking it in a super hot oven, I think we did 475.  Yum. 

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