Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boule - France part un

Ok, so I know I promised you all gratuitous pictures of cheese (which I promise will still be coming) but so far what I have for you is pictures of us playing boules.  We had an exhausting trip over, which was to be expected, and very little of it was photo worthy.  Let me recommend to anyone considering a transatlantic trip with a toddler, you'd better be sure that what you are going over for is worth it!  It was rough on all of us, but Emmett worst of all, poor thing!  Boules is basically the French word for Bocci, and we have a lovely flat gravelly driveway out in from of our house, as well as a set of Boule balls.  And it is a great game to include a 3 and a 6 year old in.  Less so a one and a half year old who only wants to run in and move all the balls around mid-point.  Alas, it is hard being one.
I'll be back tomorrow with some food pics, I promise!

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