Monday, June 20, 2011

Cold Supper

Yesterday we had a confluence of unfortunate events, all related to being strangers in a strange land, which prohibited us from being able to buy any new groceries for Sunday dinner.  Apparently, the open-air market we meant to go to no longer happens on Sundays as our market book told us, and the 24-7 Intermarche (supermarket) is actually only open on Sunday mornings, but not afternoons. Anyhoo, it turns out to have been a happy accident because it gave us a much needed reason to clean out the fridge a little, and we ended up with a delicious cold supper.  Here are the pictures of what we pulled together.
Cheese plate, including garnish picked fresh from the gardens in front of the house.
In the end, it was just what everyone felt like for dinner, and now tomorrow we can go to the market in Tulette and restock guilt free!

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  1. OK -I'm catching up and holy cow it all looks amazing! Kudos to you for making that trip with a young one - you must be so happy to be there. It is truly just beautiful. Thank you for giving us a peak!