Thursday, June 9, 2011

Low Country Wedding Extraordinaire, Part 3 of 3

Mason jars with tea lights lit the pathways.
They offered a specialty cocktail of mint juleps in monogrammed pitchers with yellow and white striped paper straws.
In lieu of a guest book the bride and groom provided a polaroid camera and ample film for the guests to take pictures of themselves for Heather and Reid to have to be able to revisit the event whenever the mood strikes.  The photos were attached to an antique bird cage with mini clothespins for everyone at the wedding to enjoy.
The dishes were a combination of family china and thrift store finds which Heather and Reid will keep for their everyday china.
The food was delicious!  It was foods typical of the area, like shrimp and grits and biscuits.
And of course the cakes.  I had a sampling of all of them.
It was an event to remember, to be sure!  Lovely wedding, lovely setting, and lovely people!  Thanks for everything, H&R, and enjoy your honeymoon!  Love, R

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  1. Loved seeing the photos! I actually catered the wedding...really enjoyed meeting all of you and hopefully I did an okay job cutting those cakes ;)
    -Lizzie Hagood