Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vinsobres: Grapevines and Rolling Hills

So here is the house we are staying in!  We seriously lucked out.  
It belongs to the Perrin family, who are our partners in my family's vineyard, Tablas Creek, in Paso Robles, CA.  (For those of you who are interested in wine, but are unfamiliar with Tablas Creek, click here.)  Our partners are based here in the Rhone Valley and have been family friends for years, and have been generous enough to lend us the house on one of their vineyards for our vacation.  Pretty amazing, right?
The house is situated on a fairly steep hillside nestled among beautiful terraced vineyards in the wine growing region called Vinsobres, in the tiny town of Les Cornuds.  The house was basically in ruins when the Perrins bought this property and they slowly renovated it over a period of about five years.
 And because I promised you all gratuitous pictures of cheese, here is a pic of lunch on our first day!  I hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. Oh. My. God.

    Please tell me there are deerflies and mosquitos there, so I don't have to hate you right now. ;)

    Your photos are amazeballs!!

  2. @Clemeentine
    Negative on the mosquitos and deer flies, Cassie. Commence the hating.
    Glad you like the pics! My brother took the top 3, so I'll pass along your compliments!

    Looking forward to Picnic Portland! When I get home lets make some plans!

  3. wiping away the drool. enjoy!

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  5. oh man, becs it looks beautiful! i hope this is a nice restful vacation for you guys in that incredible countryside! bring me back some cheese in your suitcase!