Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heather and Reid's Wedding, Part 2 of 3

My dress and Catherine's dress waiting to be put on.
Here is a closeup of my hairdo for the wedding.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I feel like it is the perfect version of what I dreamt of as a teenager for prom or some other formal event but of course never managed to accomplish, but instead ended up with some poofy french french twist nightmare.  And my earrings were made for me as a gift by the bride, who is also a jewelry designer.
These are the bridesmaid's bouquets (made by the bride's Mom) staying cool in the hallway before the wedding.
Heather's Mom also made the striped table runners, and they offered lots of fans to the guests to combat the South Carolina heat.
Our friends Harris and Bay's little boy.
For the cakes they chose to offer four small cakes in various flavors instead of one traditional wedding cake.  It is a great way to give people options as well as save a little money.  The cake stands are sections of a fallen tree from Heather's parent's back yard in Alabama.

I'll be back tomorrow with one final post documenting H&R's wedding.  Stay tuned for their specialty cocktail, delicious low country food, and super original guest book idea.


  1. Yep, total dream updo!! It looks so lovely. Did they hot-roller it first? Or just use your natural texture? Great earrings by the bride, too :)