Friday, June 24, 2011

Carrousel de La Belle Epoque, Avignon

A couple of days ago we took a trip to Avignon, which one of our guidebooks said was a "preschooler's paradise."  We didn't find that to be exactly true, but there was a pretty great carousel, which we all rode several times.  I love all the bright paint and lights, especially since it was actually raining at the beginning. You can see the rain streaming off the spinning carousel in a few of the pictures.  And the scenery behind the carousel wasn't bad either.

We have reached the part of the trip where it feels like we have just arrived and at the same time feels like we have been here for ever.  Isn't it strange how vacations are always like that?  We finally know comfortably how to work the oven and the dishwasher, which were both tricky, believe me, and we know how to find our house from several directions, which was no small feat either!  The house is located along a very narrow windy road in the hills with only room for one car at a time, so everybody has to either pull off or drive up on the grass to allow others their share of the road.
By brother's family just left this morning, which means we have been here nine days already which is very hard to believe.  It also means the trip is coming to a close soon, and now the house is very quiet and a little melancholy after the removal of four of our group, and all of the hubub of their young family.  Emmett is left with only grown ups to play with, but he seems to be taking it in stride.


  1. Oh! I know this carousel! Your trip sounds incredible! Maybe a little quiet time is just the second half?

  2. Oh, so sad family's left already! I love these, especially the photo of your nephew in the tie dye that matches the horses jewels.