Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anniversary Dinner at SoLo Farm & Table

We had the most lovely dinner last night at SoLo Farm and Table, in South Londonderry, VT.  Yesterday was TH and my third anniversary, so we decided to brave the detours and half washed out roads to treat ourselves to a little celebration.  SoLo just opened earlier in the summer, and a new restaurant around here is big news, so we were very excited to try it, and we were definitely not disappointed.  We had a little moment of feeling guilty about going out to celebrate while so many people around here are still picking up the pieces of their lives after Irene, but I figure if we all stay home and feel guilty all our local businesses will close, and who does that help?  Half of the roads leading to SoLo are closed, poor guys.  We had to go way north to ultimately go southwest.   But it was worth it.
SoLo is owned by a young couple like us (we're still young, right?) who are also recent transplants from New York, although Chloe, who runs the front of the house, was originally from Manchester, VT.  Her husband Wesley is the chef and creator of the fabulous dishes you will drool over below.
For food, I had oysters and then the dish directly above, which was a poached egg on top of roasted potatoes and peppers with a tomato parmesan broth and chanterelle mushrooms.  Very Yummy.  And TH had a re-envisioned version of eggplant parmesan, with homemade mozzarella and other goodies, followed by sea scallops with squid ink and braised fennel.  For dessert we had a selection of local cheeses and a delicious Spanish version of bread pudding that was rich and creamy served with homemade grapefruit sorbet.
 And then the nicest part of all was when we asked for the bill my super sweet and thoughtful parents had secretly called ahead and treated us to our celebratory feast!  And they babysat for Emmett!  You really can't beat that.  Thanks so much Mom and Dad!  


  1. Wow- that looks so lovely, and what a nice surprise! Happy anniversary!

  2. DA-y-amn! Gorgeous photos, Rebecca. The food looks amazing. And Happy Anniversary to you and Tom!

  3. This place looks delicious! And what a great gift from your mom and dad!