Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall in the Garden

The garden is winding down and some things are starting to go to seed.  There was actually a threat of frost here last night, so we went out and picked everything that was pickable and covered some frost tender plants with sheets, like the potatoes and the tomatoes. (Luckily though it only got down to a balmy 37 degrees) That basket above is full of basil, which I am going to turn into pesto as soon as I get up from the computer.  We really let things slide in the garden this year, and I am feeling a mixture of guilt and resolve for next spring.  I actually learned by experience what happens to your plants if you don't weed around them.  It turns out it isn't just for aesthetics.  My tomatillos, which are practically indestructible, got so choked with weeds that they barely produced one bowl of full size fruit.  And our acorn squash plant only made three meager squashes.  Sigh.  Although I don't think that was just from weeds, I think that must have partly been due to the cold and late spring.  But we have definitely been enjoying plenty of fresh produce none the less, and have been making big batches of soups and sauces and salads.  Ah well, tomorrow is another year.  (seems like that sometimes, doesn't it?)
So today will be full of pesto making, possibly tomato soup making, and jewelry pricing.  If any of you are in the Worcester, MA area tomorrow I'll be at stART on the street for the whole afternoon.  Stop by and say hi!


  1. Great garden! I love Fall since it is the harvest time here in New England!

  2. want some more tomatillos - we have LOADS. And my acorn squash plant only produces measly TWO squash. Very sad, especially when people are always telling you how prolific squash are. I want to write down my garden lessons learned from this year. Let me know if you want to get together and compare notes one night next week...