Monday, September 12, 2011

Around the Studio: Hollow Books in the Pipeline

Due to a little recent rush on my hollow book jewelry boxes out of my Etsy shop I suddenly found myself in need of restocking.  So Emmett and I took ourselves off to poor flooded Brattleboro VT in the pouring rain, where cool old hardback books apparently go to die.  There are practically more used bookstores there than people, and so even though the basement (read: bargain basement) of my usual place was closed due to flooding I was able to find another great source down a little back alley.  I always try to find books with interesting titles and/or cool illustrations or graphics on the inside or outside covers; but at the same time not something that is in high demand for its original purpose.  I have already made inroads into glueing the pages and hollowing some of them out, and will be listing them periodically over the next few weeks.  Here is a little preview of coming attractions!
These boxes are so fun to make because they are all one of a kind pieces.  And there is just something so intriguing about a secret compartment, don't you think?  Maybe I just read too many Nancy Drews as a kid.  They take forever to make, so I hardly make any profit on them, but somehow I just can't stop making them!  If you want to see which ones are currently available in the shop click here.

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    Yeah, I'm going to need to reserve that one. Srsly.