Monday, September 19, 2011

Tents and Sapphires

Whew today is going by fast!  I can't believe it is already 2pm.  This weekend was a whirlwind also, including a quick roundtrip to Worcester, MA for the stART on the street festival on Sunday.  I shared a tent again with Cassie, which was excellent fun, as usual.  And I'm loving my side of the jewelry trade we made at the end of the day. (see above, and check out those sapphires! (worn with my new Cubit Bracelet))  Here are some pics of our tent, which we managed to set up in record time (for us, which really isn't saying a lot, since we may be the slowest setters up and breakers down in craft fair history).  I had an especially good day with Fiddleheads, which was really fun.  I'm learning a lot about what sizes and styles really appeal to people, which is both fascinating and invaluable.
On another note, I got some good news that my parents went to the newly re-opened Simon Pearce restaurant, which had been closed since the Irene flooding.  Hooray for them!  I hope you all had a lovely fall weekend!


  1. SO much fun! I wish I could have visited you guys there! Two perfect tent mates if I do say so myself! :)

  2. Love that pic with the shoppers! Love my new Haas necklace more, though ;)