Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lovely Mention of Rebecca Haas Jewelry

Thanks so much to Jaime from GemAntics for this lovely mention of Rebecca Haas Jewelry!  She stealthily spent some time in our booth at stART on the street this weekend and went home and wrote this lovely post.  Click here to see the other jewelers that caught her eye at the festival.  And be sure to browse some of her older posts on her blog to drool over all of the beautiful artisan jewelry she features from around the country.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry:  Sharing a booth with Clementine was Rebecca Haas, making it so hard for me to only go home with one piece.  Her jewelry is elegant, simple, and sweet often using mixed metals (silver and gold) giving basic shapes a unique and dynamic look.  My next purchase will certainly be from Rebecca!

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  1. Thanks Rebecca!! I love your blog!!!