Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alpine Wedding - The Beauty is in the Details

Here are some of the stylish and thoughtful details from my friends Holly and Zach's wedding in the swiss alps.  Holly did an amazing job of creating a cohesive look for her wedding in a style that very much fit both her and the place.  She calls the style "mid-century modern meets lodge," which, by the way, is also how she has decorated her chic and cozy apartment.  Here are some of the elements she used. For starters, the above photo is of their cake topper, from Melabo on Etsy.  Such a perfect choice! 
The programs, door tags, menus, and place cards were all designed by Holly's very talented sister and brother-in-law Wendy and Earnest from Dear Hancock Paper Goods.
The favors were delicious hot chocolates on a stick made by City Girl Chocolates on Etsy.
Holly's flowers were a beautiful mix of ranunculus (a personal favorite of mine), tulips, thistle, lotus pods, and I believe anemones (somebody correct me if I'm wrong!), in rustic bark and wire vases.  Thanks so much to Holly and Zach, for letting me share so many details of your wedding on Campestral!


  1. Gah!! Those flowers!! What a gorgeous palette. I see some sea holly in there, too, I think? Beautiful.

    I've been loving your Switzerland pix, such a nice glimpse into a seemingly distant wonderland... :)

  2. Thanks Cassie! That means a lot!

  3. Wow. Many beautiful details. I love the ribbon with names on your door. And the flowers are simply lovely. I had all white in my bouquet, with ranunculus, so you know how I feel about them! Tulips are right up there, too. Gorgeous all around. Thanks for the peak!