Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arrived: Woodtec iPhone Charging Station!

I thought this Woodtec double iPhone charger would be the perfect birthday present for my little Mac Nerd in the Big Woods. (Anyone else out there read Laura Ingalls Wilder as a kid?  Little House in the Big Woods was a favorite read aloud book in my house.)  I think stylistically it really fits with our sort of Modern/Colonial New England aesthetic, ties in nicely with the wood stove, and if it starts to misbehave we can just toss it in! (No!)  Now we have no more visible trailing iPhone charger cables and something pretty to look at instead.  I'm very pleased with it, I hope TH is too!

To see more Woodtec products click here.


  1. So, SO cool! I love it and am with you. Tempted to get one myself.....:)