Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saying Thanks

I love my customers.  Without them I'd be buried in jewelry, collages and secret compartment books!  But when you primarily do business over email and phone sometimes it is hard to show that appreciation.  I had kind of an ah ha moment about this recently, so I started including one of a kind hand made thank you notes in with every package I send out, whether it is to a wholesale customer or a direct retail sale.  

Here are some of the cards that went out in the last couple of days:
They are not elaborate, and I try to make them quickly, because of course, time is limited.  And I try to use as many recycled items as possible, like the book page above from one of my hollowed out vintage books so as not to add unnecessarily to the landfills.  But I hope it sends the message to the customers that they are appreciated!  And for those of you reading this post: Thanks so much for your business!  You are the best! 

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