Tuesday, March 8, 2011

While Rebecca's away...

Hello sweet campestrals! 

           Melissa here, from Melissa loves, popping in for the lovely Rebecca while she is away.  I am honored to be here, in this calm & lovely spot. Knowing Rebecca only a short while, I have certain assumptions stuck in my head. That she is a lot like these photos below....soft & warm, beautiful & down to earth, and aside from being an amazing jewelry designer....an amazing new mom. So, I thought I would gather some things together that remind me of Rebecca, her home(which I have never visited) & some things I would give as gifts....just cause. :) 

collage 1:
flowers here 
room here 

collage 2: 
photograph here 
artwork here 

collage 3: 
clock here 
awesome "rainy day fun" here 

Sweet Rebecca? Thank you so much for having  me & entrusting a little bit of your lovely space to me while you are away. Safe travels & all the best! 



  1. Oooh, the comment link is finally working!
    Okay, I wanted to say, Melis, I love what you put together here, but that "rainy day fun"???? That's da bomb!

  2. Love it all! Especially the glittered branches and rainy day fun (must remember that one)!!

  3. Great picks, she'll love all of these! Especially the one for Emmett, what an awesome idea!