Friday, March 25, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

We're pretty desperate for spring up here.  I'm so ready to see some green growing things that I'm even trying (for what must be the 100th time) to grow an avocado tree from a pit.  No luck so far, although it's only been about 5 days.  Here are some of the other things we've resorted to: 
Sandbox toys in the snow.
Mexican asparagus. This is only sad because in Vermont, if you grow them in your garden, asparagus are the 1st thing to come up. They are also the first local produce to become available in the market. But I'm rushing things and trying to fool myself that spring is here. I also paired it with the freshest summery thing I could think of homemade tzatziki. (recipe here)  They were good though: blanched lightly and then drizzled with good olive oil and salt.
    Alas, the world is still white, with little patches of brown, and there's nothing we can do about it.  I guess we'll just have to hunker down a little more, squeeze our eyes shut and pretend it's February.  Sigh.  At least dump trucks and shovels work just as well in the snow as they do in the sand!
Have a great weekend everyone!  

p.s. Small milestone, this is my 200th post!


  1. Happy 200th! And we're right there with you in the not-Spring. Gray, snowy, brown... At least we can ski. And when the sun does come out, which is pretty often honestly, it is glorious! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. At least we don't still have snow on the ground but last week we had snow flurries .... It is definitely not spring here in Boston either. Great photos by the way!