Monday, March 14, 2011

Zermatt By Day

Never having been to Zermatt before, or the Alps at all, actually, I learned many things on this trip.  Here are a few:

1. The whole town has a surprising combination aesthetic of super modern fonts and furniture mixed with rustic architecture and historical alpine details.  And oh boy does Zermatt love its taxidermy and its antlers.  They are everywhere! 
2. The mountains and the valleys are so big you spend a good chunk of the time craning your neck up or down.  And the altitude is so high that you need to be careful with al this walking and neck craning that you don't get dizzy and fell down.
3. The Apres-ski custom is fantastic, whether you ski or not (I didn't).  

Top 3 - Apres-ski at Hotel Cervo
4-7 - walking around Zermatt
8- In the lobby bar of Hotel Mirabeau
9-11 - More walking around Zermatt

This was such an amazing trip, with an incredibly beautiful and detail oriented wedding in the middle of it that I have decided to dedicate this whole week of posts to documenting it.  So stay tuned throughout the week for more Zermatt! 


  1. We think it's going to be all old and charming, but there is a lot of modern, utilitarian mixed in, isn't there? These are great... that eave on the hotel Cervo is impressive! I'm looking forward to your travelogue.

  2. Thanks Liza! And Jeni, um, no, I didn't ski. I thought about it, but then decided to spend time eating, sitting, and socializing instead. I feel a little bad about it. But I'm not much of a skier, and it is really hard there!