Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Switzerland Travelogue Part 3 - Food!

Food is always a major highlight for me any time I travel.  I love to eat out and try new things, or experience things I have always enjoyed at home, but in their native habitat.  On this trip, that food was fondue. . . oooh I love fondue.  (To see fondue we recently made at home for click here)  We also enjoyed a lot of cheese and dried meat plates, which I always love.  I am more than happy to make a meal out of some good bread, cheese, salami, and a salad.  I am also embarrassed to say that I never looked at a map of where we were going before we got there, and I had no idea we were so close to Italy.  In fact, apparently if you take the Gondola to the top of the Mountain and ski in the wrong direction you might accidentally end up in Italy!  Who knew?  Don't forget your passport!  I mention this now because I was very surprised how much pizza and pasta and caprese salads there were everywhere.  Ok, here are some food shots.  It's making me super hungry putting this together right now, so try not to drool on your computer!
Sandwiches made on pretzel bread at the Zurich train station.
 Pizza with ham and wild mushrooms our first night in Zermatt 
The breakfast spread at the bridal apartment the morning of the rehearsal
Above 3 photos are from the post wedding brunch.  Mmmm trout and donuts.
Mixed meat plate at home at the chalet
Above 2 photos: Soup and cheese and tomato fondue at Casa Rustica 

I don't have any photos of the food from the wedding, or the wedding itself, which I am very sad about.  But since I was in the wedding I wanted to be fully immersed in the experience, and taking pictures always removes you a little from the action.  Hopefully the photographer Holly hired got lots of good shots of the food and the decorations, as well as the bride and groom!

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